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While your chances of being picked for a paid to drive auto wrap campaign are not very high, it still doesn't hurt to spend a few minutes signing up with companies that offer car wraps if you think this would be something you'd like to do.

Below are a list of companies that actually do the car wrap advertising (as opposed to providing lists). Unfortunately, as many of them have been flooded with applications of people wanting to be paid to drive, some no longer accept applications. Others have realized that they can make a nice profit by charging people to be on their list and now charge a fee to send in an application. We do not recommend that you pay a fee since there is no evidence that this will increase your chances of getting a paid to drive position.

AutoAds Drivers: Free to apply. Areas: within 50 miles of Philadelphia, PA - New York, NY - Wilmington, DE - Baltimore, MD - Washington, DC.

We wrap a brand new Nissan Xterra or a Volkswagen Beetle in a aesthetically pleasing advertisement and then give you the car to drive for free. This unique situation that we have created enables companies to advertise in a innovative manner while providing a new car to drivers free of charge! We will also wrap your current vehicle and pay you $350 a month! You don't have to alter your driving habits in any way.

Update: Many of the services that were once listed on this page have quit the business entirely further showing that car wraps are not a viable way for people to make money. The trend is to have small businesses car wrap their own vehicles rather than pay others to car wrap their vehicles. I will list any new car wrap companies that I become aware of, but I don't expect that we will see any legitimate car wrap companies appear unless there is a lack of advertising outlets as there was during the dotcom bubble.

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