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Scam Alert - Paid Services

It didn't take long for people to move in and try to make a buck on the auto wrap programs. If you are interested in trying to get a paid to drive position, the basic rule you should adhere to is that it should not cost you anything to find the position.

There are a growing number of websites and affiliate programs that don't actually offer the service of car wrapping, but claim to provide a list of car wrap companies or be a data base for advertisers to find people willing to advertise on their cars. If the offer is coming from anyone other than a company that actually preforms car wrapping services, you want to avoid it.

The websites that claim to be data bases for car wrap companies and advertisers usually offer free sign up, but then encourage you to purchase a "premium package" that is supposed to move your name higher up on the list. The fact is that you are very unlikely to be picked from these services so it isn't worth your time or money to sign up with them.

Others offer "extensive lists" of car wrap companies for a price ranging from $10 to over $100 with the majority falling in the $25 - $40 range. While you will get a list of companies if you pay, the problem is that 99% of them will be useless for you since they don't operate in the area you live and drive. The ones that are listed that may apply to you can be found for free either on the Internet or in your local yellow pages. These lists will not give you an advantage in getting a paid to drive position in any way.

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