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Reader's Questions

Welcome to the reader question section. We tend to get a lot of questions about these get paid to drive auto wrap programs and have decided the best way to deal with them is to list reader's questions and answers here. If you have any questions, feel free to email us and we'll do out best to get you a prompt answer.

When you apply to these programs, does the type of car you have make a difference in your chances of being picked or will any car be considered?

Yes, most definitely. The companies that are advertising are trying to project a certain image and are looking to wrap cars that express that image. Your chances of being picked are much higher if you have a brand new VW bug than if you have a 10 year old family sedan. Large sport utility vehicles and sporty, fun cars seem to be the most popular.

If you are selected to drive a wrapped automobile, then it doesn't work out, do they pay to have the wrap removed?

You will have to read the specifics in your contract since the rules vary form company to company. A lot will depend on the reason why the wrap "didn't work out." If you just don't like it after it has been put on, you can expect to pay a penalty for the early removal of it. If there's a legitimate reason, they may be more lenient and remove the wrap without cost, but you'll most likely forfeit any payments for the time period at a minimum. Read the contract carefully and ask if you have specific questions before signing.

Why don't most websites let you sign up anymore?

The reality is that the paid to drive opportunities are quite limited and the companies offering these services have many more applicants than they need. There is no reason for them to take more.

I am considering placing an ad on my back window for a company that is paying 400 per month. It is only the back window and the ad is for some company I do not know. Is there any special insurance requirements that I may need to check into in the event that I am in an accident? Will my vehicle be considered commercial when I put the ad on my car? If the company is simply “renting” the space on my vehicle, would that require them to have an insurance policy that covers my vehicle? I’m confused.

You need to talk with your own insurance company to see how this will effect your coverage and if there is anything special you'll need to do for the advertising.

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